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The Ultimate Halloween Costume Guide

Boys and girls of every age, do you want to see something strange? Come with us, we will take you to the land of the unseen, to the town of CostumePub for this Halloween.

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The Night is Young and Alive

 As said, Halloween came to the U.S. with Irish people, in the 19th century. They celebrated "All Saints Day "on 1st November, which was considered the feast day in the catholic calendar. A day before "All Saints Day", people would hold vigils and pray for the dead, who as per them got stuck in the abyss and didn't pass for their heavenly abode. The night was called the Night of the Dead and is now celebrated worldwide as Halloween Night.

Turn your nightmares into a reality with the Halloween costumes from the CostumePub. Click the link below and explore our online site for various options:

  • Evil Clown Costume
  • Cops and Gangsters Costume
  • The Wizards of Oz Costume
  • Renaissance and Medieval Costume
  • The Walking Dead Costume

Trick or Treat

It's already a treat to the eyes, to see, our little munchkins, all costumed up for the most exciting event on Halloween Eve. Yes, it is trick or treating!

Was it called the same in the past? No, it wasn't, it was called guising costumes in Ireland and Scotland. Children would go from house to house, disguise themselves as ghosts, or monsters, and would perform a dance or will recite a poem in exchange for money or food. Times have changed and so is the custom, now trick or treating is all about candies, and costumes.

Maybe they are young but, they know their style. Kids nowadays are style icons and want their costumes to be trendy, popular, and out of the world. Are you looking for your kid's Halloween costume? Well then, you just found one, as per the recent research done by a renowned fashion magazine, princesses and superheroes are children's favorites forever and CostumePub has enormous collections of both. Click the link below and get your Halloween costumes now:

  • Princess and Dolls Costume
  • Fairy tales and Storybooks Costume
  • Avengers Costume
  • Marvels Comics Costume
  • Iron Man Costume
  • Superman Costume
  • Monster High Costume

Latest Halloween Costume Ideas

Spirits rise and Spirits fall, reveal your secrets and tell us all. We, do have a secret to reveal, CostumePub is about to reveal the list of most wanted and desired costumes for this Halloween. When it comes to Apple Night, the people of America are real trendsetters. But, sometimes, even the fashionistas can't decide, what to wear.

CostumePub has tried to make it easy for you, we have handpicked certain costumes that are always in demand and hugely liked and loved by the masses. We assure you, they will not only make you look devastatingly ravishing but, will also make you stand out. Here is the list:

  • Spider-Man Costumes
  • Black Widow Costumes
  • Black Panther Costumes
  • Thor Costumes
  • Joker Costumes
  • Evil Clown Costumes
  • Cat Woman Costumes
  • Wonder Woman,1984 Costumes
  • Harley Quinn Costumes
  • Scooby-Doo Costumes

Well, the secret is finally revealed, these are what we thought,  were handy and helpful but that's not only it, we have massive collections of costumes for men, women, children, toddlers, and even pets. All you need is all we got. CostumePub is always for all your party needs.

G-Host a party and dance all night, as the night is young and alive.


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