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Halloween Decorations and Props

Get ready to decorate your home for Halloween with spooky and enchanting props that will send chills down your spine.

People like to decorate their homes like haunted houses or graveyards during Halloween. Halloween Eve is full of spooky air and creepy creatures. Jack-o-lanterns are always popular as a Halloween décor, but now you will find a huge variety of scary theme Halloween decorations. You can put bags of bones and crawling zombies in your garden and make a fine scary entrance for your guests. You can hang witches on your windows and ghosts on your doors to welcome everyone. Airblown props and animated props are very popular these days. You can plan creative decorations for your indoors and outdoors. Some Halloween props are extremely scary and frightening, so you can choose from the big collection of Halloween décor props. Make your house spooky with zombie props and skeleton reapers. People will surely get goosebumps after seeing your haunted house. Halloween night is fright, so get ready for real fright and lots of goosebumps. Explore Costumepub for Halloween decorations and props ideas.

Spooky Halloween decorations and props

1. Vintage DOLL 14 INCH:

This Vintage Doll is not only a charming toy but also a perfect addition to your Halloween decor. With her blow-molded plastic head and hands, soft fabric body, and vintage dress, she exudes a nostalgic charm. Her bow-topped curly locks add to her adorable appeal. Plus, with the sound sensor and push-button belly activation, she becomes an interactive Halloween decoration, making spooky sounds and movements. Just add batteries, and she's ready to enchant both as a toy and a delightful Halloween ornament.


Create a bone-chilling Halloween atmosphere with the 27-inch Flamingo Skeleton. This fun and creepy decor piece resembles a flamingo bird's bones, adding a unique and spooky touch to your Halloween setup. Perfect for haunted houses and parties, it promises to be an eye-catching addition that will make your Halloween decorations memorable and exciting for all. Get ready to spook and delight with this playful and spooky Flamingo Skeleton.

3. Spirit Resin Skull:

This Spirit Resin Skull is a lifelike representation of a skull, designed with a realistic bone finish. It is adorned with eerie and mysterious messages and symbols, giving it a hauntingly perfect touch. People like it for its unique and artistic style. Add a spooky touch to your Halloween decorations with this lifelike Spirit Skull. Some think it's connected to spiritual or mysterious stuff because of its skull shape. It's a fun way to add a touch of spooky charm to party decor. Perfect for haunted houses or spooky-themed parties, this skull is sure to give your guests a frightful delight.

4. 10" Skeleton Gargoyle Prop:

The Skeleton Gargoyle Prop is a spooky Halloween prop resembling a skeletal creature. It creates a spooky ambiance for your festivities, indoors or outdoors. A must-have for any setting. It's typically made of plastic or foam, used during Halloween or themed events. Don't miss out on this creepy addition to your Halloween decorations, perfect for your porch, garden, or inside your home. Get ready to add a touch of eerie to your celebration.

5. Little Creep Standing Halloween Decoration:

The Little Creep Standing Halloween Decoration is a cute yet creepy addition to your Halloween decor. This small and spooky figure stands tall, making it a perfect centerpiece for your Halloween-themed table or shelf. Its unnerving charm will delight both kids and adults alike.

6. 24" Grizzly Gourd Light-Up Static Prop:

Add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween setup with the 24" Grizzly Gourd Light-Up Static Prop. This captivating Halloween prop features a menacing gourd that glows eerily, making it perfect for creating a spine-chilling scene or haunted house decor. Get ready to impress your guests with this eye-catching addition to your Halloween decorations.

7. Jack-O'-Lantern Pumpkin Prop:

The classic Jack-O'-Lantern Pumpkin Prop is an essential Halloween prop and a perfect addition to any festive decoration setup. Carved with a wicked grin and glowing with an eerie light, this pumpkin prop brings a timeless charm to your Halloween festivities. Place it on your doorstep or inside your home for a traditional yet spooky touch that will delight trick-or-treaters and party guests alike.

8. Skeleton Parrot Prop:

Spook up your Halloween decor with the unexpected Skeleton Parrot Prop. This creepy yet creative addition features a skeletal parrot that adds an eerie element to your decor. Hang it from a tree or perch it on your shoulder for a unique twist on Halloween props.

9. Ethereal Ghost Props:

Get ready to make your Halloween setup extra spooky with Ethereal Ghost Props. These are transparent figures that look really cool and ghost-like. You can hang them up or let them float in the air. They'll make your Halloween decorations look hauntingly beautiful and fun.

10. Crashing Witch Betty Bash Decoration:

Add a whimsically spooky touch to your Halloween decor with Crashing Witch Betty Bash Decoration. This comical prop depicts a witch in mid-flight crash landing, creating a lighthearted and entertaining scene. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it's sure to make your guests chuckle.


Set the stage for an epic Halloween adventure with the Dueling Pirate Props. These daring figures create a thrilling atmosphere and transport your guests to a pirate's den. With their realistic details and playful poses, they're a standout addition to any Halloween decor or haunted house party.

So, get ready for a spine-chilling Halloween with a wide range of eerie decorations and props. From ghostly apparitions to playful skeletons and quirky flamingos, these bewitching elements will transform your space into a haunted wonderland. Don't forget the essential Vintage Doll and Spirit Resin Skull for interactive spooky fun. Host a thrilling party and visit Costume Pub for the perfect Halloween costumes to complete the experience.

12-Inch Light-Up Black Haunted Radio
Size: One Size
17\ Scary Black Jack O Lantern with Orange Light Halloween Decoration
Size: One Size
26\ Rigor Mortis Rat Canvas Hanging Sign Halloween Decoration
Size: One Size
32\ Tricycle Clown Doll
Size: One Size
35.5\ Hanging Broom Halloween Decoration
Size: One Size
36\ Floating Ghost Bride Halloween Decoration
Size: One Size
40\ Hanging Gargoyle Prop
Size: One Size
46\ Menacing Hanging Bat
Size: One Size
5 ft. Hanging Hag Prop
Size: One Size
5 Ft. Life-Size Posable Skeleton Halloween Decoration
Size: One Size
6 Ft. Hanging Reaper
Size: One Size
60\ Ghostly Howling Phantom
Size: One Size
60\ Hanging Pumpkin
Size: One Size
Hanging Possessed Girl 49-inch Prop Halloween Decoration
Size: One Size
Ghost Face Grave Breaker
36-Foot Black Freaky Fabric Loose
Size: One Size
5' Ghost Face Prop Scarecrow
Size: One Size
Creepy Black Cloth
Size: One Size
12-Foot Light-Up Ghost
6' Ghost Face Prop with Knife
6.5' Airblown Jack Skellington & Oogie Boogie
71-Inch Psycho Killer Fake Door
72-Inch Black Shaking Reaper
72-Inch Pumpkin Man Light-Up
8-Foot Towering Skeleton with Projection Eye
Animated Pesky The Clown Prop
Animated Whimsical Scarecrow
Animated Witch Prop with Servo-Motor
Cooper Werepup Silicone
Halloween 4 Michael Myers 1:6 Scale Figure
Halloween 5 Michael Myers 1:6 Scale Figure
Halo Infinite Warthog Adaptive Wheelchair
Spirit Resin Skull
Staff with Jack-O'-Lantern Head
They Live Wrapping Paper
Bloody Fingers (Include 12 Units)
Name: 12 units
Box Of Bones (Include 1 Units)
Name: 1 units
39-Inch Kicking Witch On Swing
Airblown Hanging Jack Skellington
Animated Witch with Cane
Happy Pumpkin Prop
Jack-O'-Lantern Pumpkin Prop
Large Skull Spider 47in
Size: 16 X 15 X 0.125 INCH
Size: One Size
Size: One Size
Size: One Size


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