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Santa Claus Costumes

Christmas Eve is incomplete without a bright and comfortable Santa Claus costume.

Christmas celebration is for party plans, collecting more memories, and enjoying with your loved ones. Christmas costumes and Christmas decorations add more colors to this festival. How about dressing up in a Santa Claus costume and surprising everyone? Santa Claus costume is a must for adults and kids for Christmas themed party. These red Santa Suits with white fur lining can please anyone and bring a smile to all faces. Pick your favorite Santa Claus costume and add more sparkles to your festival. Find here men's Santa Claus costumes, women's Santa Claus costumes, Mrs. Claus costumes, red Santa suits, Santa mascot costumes, toddler Santa costumes, and more. Find here amazing Christmas costumes for adults and kids at discounted prices.

Step into the magical world of Christmas with the enchanting Santa Claus Costume, also known as Santa Claus Dress. This iconic outfit captures the very essence of the holiday season and the beloved figure of Santa Claus himself. It's a dress-up delight that brings joy to people of all ages during this festive time of year.

Imagine donning a bright red jacket trimmed with fluffy white paired with cozy red pants. Cinch it all together with a wide black belt featuring a shiny buckle. And, of course, no Santa Claus Costume is complete without the famous red hat topped with a jolly white pom-pom.

As you slip into this festive attire, you'll instantly feel the spirit of Christmas wrap around you like a warm hug. Get ready to spread happiness and cheer as you embody the magic of Santa Claus, the jolly gift-giver we all adore.

Santa Claus Costumes for Adults: (Men & Women)

Discover a magical variety of Santa Claus costumes for everyone at Costume Pub. From men, women, and children to adorable toddlers, we have the perfect Santa Suits for all. Explore various styles and designs that make dressing up for Christmas easy and engaging. Spread joy and cheer with our delightful collection, ensuring a memorable holiday season for everyone. Shop now and embrace the merry magic of Christmas.

Men Santa Claus Costume:

1. Men's Santa Suit:
The Men's Santa Suit is a traditional red and white outfit worn during Christmas. It includes a cozy red jacket with white fur trim, matching trousers, a black belt, and a floppy Santa hat. This jolly costume helps people get into the holiday spirit and brings smiles to children's faces as Santa delivers gifts.
2. Santa Ride a Reindeer Costume:
This delightful and whimsical Santa Claus dress for adults portrays Santa riding a reindeer, creating a fun and magical look perfect for festive events and gatherings. The costume features a plush reindeer with adjustable straps to wear like a backpack, allowing Santa's legs to dangle on one side, giving the appearance of riding the reindeer. This playful costume adds an extra touch of holiday cheer and is sure to be a hit at any Christmas party or celebration.
3. Velveteen Santa Suit:
The Velveteen Santa Suit is an elegant and luxurious version of the traditional Santa outfit. It is made of soft velvety fabric in rich red color with luxurious white fur trim. This Santa costume often includes a matching hat and black belt. The velveteen fabric adds a touch of sophistication to Santa's appearance, making him even more charming during Christmas celebrations.
4. Men's Victorian Santa Costume:
The Men's Victorian Santa Costume takes inspiration from the past and reflects a vintage style. It typically includes a long coat in dark colors like burgundy or forest green, adorned with elaborate patterns and gold accents. The Santa Claus costume may also feature a vest, breeches, and knee-high boots, evoking a classic and regal Santa look from the Victorian era.
5. Men's Santa Costume:
The Men's Santa Costume is the classic and most recognized outfit worn by Santa Claus. It consists of a bright red jacket with white fur trim, red trousers, a black belt, and a traditional Santa hat. This timeless costume embodies the joyful and festive spirit of Christmas, making it a popular choice for holiday events and party appearances.

Santa Claus Costume for Women:

1. Women's Miss Santa Costume:
The Women's Miss Santa Costume is a festive outfit perfect for Christmas celebrations. It typically includes a red dress with white faux fur trims, giving it a cheerful and charming look. The Santa Claus dress is often accompanied by a black belt to cinch the waist and create a flattering silhouette. Completing the ensemble is a Santa hat, usually adorned with white fur to match the dress. This Santa costume is popular for holiday parties, events, and even festive photoshoots. It allows women to embody the spirit of Santa's female counterpart, adding joy to the holiday season.
2. Women's Mrs. Claus Costume:
The Women's Mrs. Claus Costume is a classic and heartwarming outfit for Christmas festivities. This Santa Claus costume typically features a long red dress, often made from comfortable and soft materials, symbolizing the warm and caring nature of Mrs. Claus. The dress may include white faux fur trims and a matching Santa hat, completing the traditional look. This Santa costume allows women to embrace the role of Santa's beloved wife, adding a touch of magic and love to any holiday gathering. It's an excellent choice for spreading Christmas cheer and creating lasting memories.
3. Burgundy Velvet Mrs. Claus Costume:
The Burgundy Velvet Mrs. Claus Costume is an elegant twist on the traditional outfit. It showcases a rich burgundy-colored velvet dress that exudes sophistication and luxury. The Santa Claus dress typically features white faux fur trims, creating a striking contrast and a festive appeal. The Santa Claus dress for Adults includes accessories like a matching Santa hat, further accentuating the holiday charm. This variant of Mrs. Claus's costume is perfect for those who wish to portray a more regal and refined version of the beloved character, making it an excellent choice for special Christmas events.
4. Regal Red Velvet Mrs. Claus Lg- Costume:
The Regal Red Velvet Mrs. Claus Lg- Costume is a larger-sized version of the classic outfit, designed to fit various body types comfortably. It features a majestic red velvet dress, often with intricate details and white faux fur trims, radiating elegance and grace. The costume allows women of all sizes to embrace the role of Mrs. Claus with confidence and style. The larger size ensures a perfect fit and makes it ideal for spreading holiday joy at gatherings, parties, and parades. This Santa costume is all about spreading joy and Christmas spirit, so everyone can join in the fun and feel included.
5. Santa Poncho Costume:
The Santa Poncho Costume offers a unique and hassle-free alternative to the traditional Mrs. Claus attire. It comes in the form of a cozy and stylish poncho adorned with Santa's iconic colors - red and white. The poncho is designed for easy wear, allowing women to simply slip it over their regular clothes, making it comfortable and convenient for any holiday occasion. Some versions may include a Santa hat or other accessories to complete the festive look. The Santa Poncho Costume is a fun and relaxed option for anyone who wants a cheerful holiday look.

Kids Santa Claus Costume:

1. Christmas Red Suit Child:
This costume is a cheerful red outfit designed for children during Christmas. It usually includes a red jacket, pants, and a red necktie, making kids look like little Santa Claus. It's perfect for holiday parties and plays.
2. Child's Economy Santa Suit:
The economy Santa suit for kids is a budget-friendly option. It typically includes a red jacket, pants, boots, and a Santa hat with basic accessories like a belt. While it may not be as luxurious, it's a great choice for cost-conscious parents who want their children to enjoy the Christmas spirit.
3. Child's Plush Santa Suit:
The plush Santa suit for kids is a soft and cozy outfit. Made from comfortable materials, it often features a fluffy red jacket, pants, and a luxurious Santa hat. This costume ensures your child stays warm and snuggly while spreading joy as Santa during the festive season. Santa suits are a classic and beloved symbol of Christmas, and with this plush outfit, your little one can embody the spirit of Santa Claus with ease.

Toddler Santa Claus Costume:

1. Toddler Santa Costume:
This adorable costume is designed for young children who are just starting to walk and talk. It features a cute red Santa suit with white faux fur trim, a black belt, and a matching hat. The Santa Claus costume is made from soft and comfortable materials, allowing toddlers to move freely and stay cozy during holiday events and dress-up play.
2. Infant Santa Costume:
Perfect for the tiniest members of the family, the infant Santa costume is a precious ensemble to celebrate the holidays. The toddler Santa costume is designed with comfort and cuteness in mind, making it an adorable choice for holiday gatherings and photo opportunities. The costume includes a soft red onesie with white faux fur detailing, a black belt, and a cute Santa hat. With easy snap closures, diaper changes become hassle-free, ensuring the little one stays snug and cheerful throughout the festivities. 
3. Baby Santa Infant Costume:
This delightful costume is specially designed for the youngest babies to join in the holiday fun. It comprises a cuddly red jumpsuit with white faux fur accents, a black belt, and a charming Santa hat. The outfit is crafted from gentle and cozy fabrics, ensuring the baby's comfort is prioritized while capturing heartwarming moments with family and friends.
Step into the enchanting world of Christmas with Costume Pub's delightful Santa Claus Costumes. From traditional red and white outfits to elegant velveteen and regal designs, there's a perfect Santa Suit for everyone - men, women, and even adorable toddlers. Embrace the magic of the holiday season as you spread joy and cheer in these iconic costumes, embodying the beloved figure of Santa Claus. Experience the warmth and delight of Christmas with Santa Claus Costumes from Costume Pub.
Explore Santa Costumes for men, women, and toddlers, along with cute Mrs. Claus outfits and Santa mascot options. Get ready to spread holiday cheer.

Men's Pub Crawl Santa Costume
Size: 40-48
Women's Santa Helper Costume
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Men's Santa Claus Costume
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Santa Suit Complete Velour Costume
Size: 40-48
Burgundy Velvet Santa Suit with Overalls - XL
Size: Jacket Size (50 - 56)
Men's Super Deluxe Santa Costume
Size: One Size
10-Piece Plush Santa Suit Set
Size: Jacket Size (42 - 48)
Burgundy Velvet Santa Suit - XXXL
Size: Jacket Size (64 - 70)
Child's Economy Santa Suit - XL
Size: Child (12)
Infant Santa Costume
Please select an option above!
Women's Santa Helper Costume
Size: Adult S(4 - 6), Color: Red and White
Burgundy Velvet Mrs. Claus - Xxl Costume
Size: Women (20 - 24)
Burgundy Velvet Perky Pixie Costume
Please select an option above!
Burgundy Velvet Santa Suit - XXL
Size: JacketSize (58 - 62)
Men's Santa Costume
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Professional Santa Suit - XL
Size: Jacket Size (50 - 56)
Saloon Spree Santa Costume - LG
Size: Men's L
Size: One Size
Santa Pub Crawl Adult Plus 50-54 Costume
Size: Adult XL (50 - 54)
Toddler Santa Costume
Please select an option above!
Burgundy Velvet Santa Suit - XL
Size: Jacket Size (50 - 56)
Majestic Santa Suit - XL
Size: Jacket Size (50 - 56)
Men's Plus Size Santa Suit
Size: Plus Size
Men's Santa Suit
Please select an option above!
Professional Santa Suit - LG
Size: Jacket Size (42 - 48)
Saloon Spree Santa - Xl Costume
Size: Men's XL
Velveteen Santa Suit - XL
Size: Jacket Size (50 - 56)
Women's Mrs. Claus Costume
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Women's Sexy Mrs. Claus Costume
Size: Adult L (10 - 14)
Baby Santa Infant Costume
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Burgundy Deluxe Santa With Outside Pockets - Xl Costume
Size: Jacket Size (50 - 56)
Child's Economy Santa Suit - LG
Size: Child (8 - 10)
Child's Plush Santa Suit - MD
Size: Child (6 - 8)
Economy Santa Suit
Size: Jacket Size (50 - 56)
Kringle's Kompanion - Md Costume
Size: Women's M
Majestic Santa Suit - XXL
Size: Jacket Size (58 - 62)
Men's Flannel Santa Claus Costume
Size: 40-48, Color: Red And White
Men's Plus Size Crimson Santa Suit
Size: Plus Size
Men's Santa Claus Costume
Size: Fits up to size 48
Men's Santa Suit
Size: Extra L 48-54
Men's St. Nick Costume
Please select an option above!
Men's Victorian Santa Costume
Size: One Size
Professional Santa Pants - XXL
Size: Men's XXL
Professional Santa Suit - XXL
Size: Jacket Size (58 - 62)
Rental Quality Santa Suit - XL
Size: Jacket Size (50 - 56)
Rental Quality Santa Suit - XXL
Size: Jacket Size (58 - 62)
Rental Quality Santa Suit - XXXL
Size: Jacket Size (64 - 70)
Santa Helper Costume
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